Consumer Product Program Public Work Group Meetings
Monday, October 14, 2019
by: Meredith Petillo

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CARB is currently information gathering.  The intention of this "Informal Regulatory Activity" is to inform upcoming rulemaking decisions to impose new or lower exisiting limits on VOC content for certain product categories in order to achieve statewide emissions reductions imposed upon themselves by the state of California.  

In webinar presentations this September and October, CARB presented their current thinking and have opened the discussion with interested stakeholders.  

September webinar presentation: click here to download slides
  • Consumer Product Fragrance VOC Content
  • Discussion of HFC-152a Aerosol Propellant

October webinar presentation: click here to dowload slides
  • Hair Finishing Spray
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Aerosol Sunscreen
  • Mouthwash
  • Personal Fragrance Products with Less than 20% Fragrance
  • Anti-Perspirants & Deodorants

It was mentioned more than once during these meeting that they are interested in regulating FEWER categories with STRICTER limits to achieve their overall goals, rather than spreading smaller reductions across more product categories.  

Sunscreens: CARB stated they intend to wait until FDA has published a final monograph on sunscreens before applying additional rulemaking of their own. HOWEVER, they said that if FDA's decisions are delayed substantially, they will move forward without waiting for a final monograph.

As this is an information gathering time in the process, CARB expressed their desire to speak with any and all stakeholders who have questions, comments or would like to share data and industry information that is relevent to these product categories. 

If you sell products in any of these categories in California, please take advantage of this opportunity to contact CARB - they want to hear from you!  The more data they have about small business hardships, technical/formulary challenges, cost implications, testing limitation feasibility, etc, the more they will understand our industry and the implications future regulation will impose.

California Air Resources Board - Consumer Products Program Contacts
Link to CARB email and phone number contact information: Consumer Products Program Contacts

More information can be found on CARB's website:

ICMAD Contact:
Meredith Petillo, Director Technical-Regulatory Services