Made In USA: FTC Requests Comments
Monday, September 30, 2019
by: Meredith Petillo

Section: Articles

The Federal Trade Commission hosted a workshop on "Made In USA" Advertising and Marketing claims last week. On September 26, 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC” or “Commission”) hosted a public workshop to enhance its understanding of consumer perception of “Made in the USA” and other U.S.-origin claims, and to consider whether it can improve its “Made in USA” enforcement program.

Issues were raised by FTC staff, various industry representatives and trade associations during the ~4 hour meeting such as the need for refined clarity on the "all or virtually all" standard, the challenge of tracing origin on recycled materials, enforcment actions are not creating adequate deterrents for bad actors, the challenges of counterfeit products (especially in the online marketplace), and differing standards for goods made in various international jurisdictions.

The full video playback of the workshop is available here on the FTC website.

Helpful tip!  If you are interested in using a Made in USA claim in your advertising/promotion, FTC staff offers an informal guidance service to companies with specific questions on Made in USA claims.  All you have to do is call them!
As a result of the workshop, FTC is currently requesting comments from the public with respect to type of claim.  Please contact ICMAD ( or if you would like to discuss this workshop and/or voice your opinions, experience and interest in "Made in USA" advertising claims.